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Are you
a developer an open-source maintainer just curious working with developers a hobbyist completely lost a project manager

Then try IssHub the Github and Gitlab Issues Manager!

Enhanced Github and Gitlab code reviews

If your time on Github/Gitlab involves a lot a code review, Isshub can save you a lot of time and a lot of pain.

Let's see why.

First, let's see how the UI looks like.

We have a three panes view: filters, issues list, and the selected issue.

You don't need to go back and forth, and finding issues/pull requests is no longer a pain.

Let's zoom on the issues list to look at a pull request. Lots of details are already present in the list. And passing the mouse over it whill show a more detailed preview.

And you can even filter more the list by clicking on any information on an item.

So let's click on a pull request. Let us dwell for a moment on the header (which is available on the detailed preview when passing the mouse over a PR in the list).

All expected information is here. And more. The goal is to be fast to access needed information.

Looking at checks:

Looking at reviews:

Now let's see how the body of a pull request looks like. It's not a mess like on Github. Information is clear, and yet you have more things at your disposal.

For example you can easily see what's changed between two git pushes.

You can access the commits list in a dedicated tab. With detail of touched files. And you can see how a commit evolved in time. Yes, it's possible.

And now the important thing of a pull request: the code that changed, aka the "diff".

Let's see this tab globally. As you can see, we talk about reviewing and marks in the screenshots. We'll see this in detail just after.

You can swith to a full width view to better read long code lines:

Let's take a look at the menu:

We can now look at a file in this diff. A file is split in parts, named "hunks" in Git. But you can split them in more hunks to review some of them in a specific way.

Let's click on this "split" button:

Review? Yes it's all about the review. You can review each hunk independently. It's the main reason to split them. Agreed on a bit of change but not another? Isshub have you covered. And you can even ignore some hunks or some files, like generated assets.

At the end of your review, it's up to you to reject/approve the PR on Github, via the buttons at the bottom of the first tab. But during the process, we help you stay informed about your progress.

You can even filter pull requests to see only the ones you started to review:

Now let's go to the last tab, the "Review discussions". Not the Github mess here. You can see every threads (you can see them in the diff of course, but all of them are there, even the threads related to outdated code).

And you can "mark" threads as read/waiting.

Let's take a look at the menu:

You can even filter pull requests depending on the status of the marks you left:

That's all for the main features. We skipped a lot of small niceties that make the review process even less unpleasant... or should we say more pleasant?

Interested? You should try IssHub!