Take back control of your Github and Gitlab
issues, pull/merge requests, and notifications

Are you
a developer an open-source maintainer just curious working with developers a hobbyist completely lost a project manager

Then try IssHub the Github and Gitlab Issues Manager!


Main dashboard

  • list of all your subscribed repositories
  • filterable activity list of all these repositories

Repository dashboard

  • quick access to some filtered issues lists
  • smart grouping of labels
  • filterable activity list of all these repositories
  • access to labels and milestones

Issues list

  • three panes view
  • lots of keyboard shortcuts
  • lots of information in the list pane
  • advanced filtering, including via groups of labels
  • sub-lists of issues ("group by")
  • multi-select actions
  • lots of detailed information on the issue pane

Code review

  • mark parts of code as reviewed
  • integrate Github/Gitlab reviews
  • diff of updated commits
  • show previous pull request versions
  • never lose a comment
  • Discover more!


  • Github projects
  • one board by group of labels
  • board for milestones
  • board for assignees
  • global filtering and filtering by column


  • same three panes view as repository issues list
  • easily mark as read/unread and active/inactive
  • fast access without changing page via header menu

And a lot more!

  • numeric labels usable as metrics, for example for estimates, with graph
  • fuzzy search everywhere
  • you'll have to try to find out what else is included ;)


A free trial gives you the GUEST plan forever!

A subscription is a repository you can access to on IssHub that you choose among all your available ones from Github/Gitlab.

A subscription is a repository that can be accessed on IssHub that you choose among all the organization available ones from Github/Gitlab.

Subscriptions from an organization are freely accessible to all its collaborators.

You need an individual account (even free) to manage organizations.


When a repository is sponsored, any IssHub user will be able to subscribe to it for free (if they have any right to access it).

It won't be counted in their available subscriptions, whatever the plan is.

It's a good way to promote your repository to other users.

Our plans provide two kinds of sponsoring:

  • "your own repository": any repository your are the owner of on Github/Gitlab.
  • "any repository": any available repository on Github/Gitlab..